- Today I am talking to Yan Nepomnyaschiy, a Russian grandmaster who has just had won a wonderful game against Ivan Cheparin, a Bulgarian chess player. What is your first impression about the round?

Thank you! Personally I would not call the game wonderful. There was a moment when Ivan made a mistake. But I should say during the game he played very well.

- Do you think the position was still defendable?

If you play correctly you always hold the position. It is difficult to play quickly and precisely at the same time because of time pressure.

- We see you in rapid and blitz tournaments quite often. Do you just like it or you consider yourself a professional rapid and blitz chess player?

It is always nice to play both rapid and blitz. I love playing chess, there is nothing wrong about it. When you are playing in a good tournament with good prizes you really want to fight.

- As for the players. The prize find is quite big but not all the best players came to participate in these championships.

I also expected to see here more players from top 20. Probably it can be explained by the tight schedule. The Grand Prix in Greece has just ended and many players do not really want to participate in many tournaments one after another. Moreover this event is followed by Tal memorial. I think everybody has their own reasons. And the tight schedule is one of them. As for me I did not have any plans for the beginning of June.