The Azerbaijani Grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov defeated the Grandmaster from Vietnam Nguen Nkong in round 2.

- Shakhriyar, what would you say about this game? How difficult it was for you?

- It turned out to be very interesting game. After the opening I managed to get the positional advantage and later on it turned to a material one. As a result I managed to convert it into a full point. The tournament has just started. But the first emotions are pleasant.

- You are one of the leading blitz players. It would be interesting to get your opinion: the first prize is 40 000 usd, rather decent sum. Why is the list of players not so strong?

- Nowadays almost every strong player has a tough schedule. The FIDE Grand Prix has just finished in Greece. I was eager to come here and I was lucky to make it. Others seem not to succeed. As a matter of fact there are not many players, but to my mind the composition is very strong. So there will be no random results.

- At the moment there are rapid and blitz rating lists. What do you think is the level of players in blitz and classics the same?

- As it usually happens, at first a chess player gets rating 2200; 2300 or 2400. I think that later during 3-4 years every player finds his place in blitz and rapid chess. Each will get what he deserves. I think that in future rapid elo will equal classical one.

- What tournaments will you play after this championship?

- Tal Memorial in Moscow, FIDE Grrand Prix in Beijin. So I will not be at home during coming 1,5 months.