Generally I was not playing well in the championship. But before the last round there was a situation in which I could hope for a wonder and even for the first place. I saw my chances when I asked the Chief Arbiter Andzhej Filipowicz what will happen in case of equal points. It turned out that the first consideration would be given to the result in the direct encounter. 

And I won against Yan. At some point during the round it seemed to me that my chances reached astronomic heights. I had rather pleasant position than my competitors Yan and Shakhriyar. Then I mixed something up and my position became so bad that it was no reason already to  follow the games of my rivals. As a result, Yan and me made a draw and shared 2 and 3 places. Shakhriyar managed to gain a victory.

Was I tired after the tournament in the Thessaloniki? Well, I am tired of course, but I recall one story. After the famous match Karpov-Anand  which took place in Lausanne, Karpov’s wife said: «Everyone says that Anand came to particpate in this tournament very tired after Groningen,  where he played the knockout. I am amazed, they don’t realize that Tolya is tired during all his life» I have almost the same situation now.