Alexander, what impressions do you have after the game against Alexey Dreev? How difficult was it for you to gain a victory?

- I had a dangerous position after the opening. I was playing kind of risky way. But at some point Alexey seemed to be frustrated and sacrificed his bishop. But most likely he should have just sacrificed an exchange instead. At the end of the game I could find tactics and managed to win.

- Are you happy with your result at the moment?

- Lately I am not very good in rapid and blitz. But so far my result here is much better than at the Russian Rapid and Blitz championships. The tournament is not over yet, we can speak about the final result after the last two rounds.

- Recently the Candidate Matches were over in London. You were helping Sasha Grischuk there and before you had worked with Sasha Kostenyuk. With who is it easier to work?

- Of course there is a difference. But generally I am satisfied with my work with both Sashas.

- I also know that you work with the Women’s team. Here the representative of women’s chess is participating in the tournament. How can you estimate her performance?

- I am not aware of her today’s results. But yesterday she looked very good: made many draws, won one or two games. In any case, she is the only woman here, everyone is following her and to my mind it is not easy to play under such attention.

- Today the World rapid will be over, in few days you will finish the Blitz championship. What plans do you have after this?

- It is necessary to have some rest after such tournament. It is very tough schedule. Five rounds a day it is a serious thing. Normally there are three or four rounds only. That is why I will rest for a week or so and then will play in the high league of the Russian championship in Ekaterinburg.