The rapid tournament is over, the blitz will come to it’s end soon. What impressions do you have? Please share your emotions with us.
- The rapid tournament was very interesting, but to my mind 15 rounds is too much. All participants are very tired and just waiting for the tournament to be over. But if to compare these two competitions, blitz is played far easier, and you are not much upset if you lose. But in general, everything is fine. It is interesting to play here.
- You played in Khanty-Mansiysk many times, you are the member of UGRA team. We are interested to know your opinion on the organization of the tournaments in Khanty-Mansiysk?
- I am here like home, I can say. If I am not mistaken, I participate here for the 8th time. The organization is fantastic, we always feel the pleasant atmosphere. Everything is done for us to be happy.
- What plans do you have after the tournament?
- In a week the new tournament — Tal Memorial will start. I got an invitation as a commentator and accepted it with pleasure.