The Russian Chess Champion Dmitry Andreikin agreed to give a blitz interview right after he played round 5 against Vladimir Potkin.

- Dmitry, what impressions do you have after this game? Was it an interesting fight?

- I prepared the opening a bit and got an advantage but at some point made some passive moves after which Vladimir took an initiative. But later on he blundered an exchange and I could manage to win rather quickly. As a result, we have got opposite color bishops which should have led to a draw. But I managed to win finally.

- There have been only six rounds passed but can we make some conclusions already now? Do we have any surprises?

- In fact 15 rounds tournament is a big distance. Already now some leaders have been defined. But anyway everything is still ahead.

- What goals do you have at this tournament?

- My first consideration is to stretch my legs before Tal Memorial, to check my openings. From other side, this is the World Championships with good prize fund. I have no rights to play carelessly. I will try to do my best in each round.

- You play in blitz very often. Do you just like to play blitz or you have a professional interest?

- Everything depends on a tournament. It depends if it is a friendly blitz tournament or for example one of the stages of the Grand Prix or I play just to train myself. In the tournament like a championship I try to play at my full potential.